Friday, January 9, 2009

10 Must Have Free Blackberry Applications

Blackberry phones are extremely popular at the moment, they have been for awhile. A couple moths ago the craze was the iPhone and the iTouch. But the blackberry has introduced the Blackberry Javelin 8900, Blackberry Bold, and the Blackberry Storm. I'm contemplating on the choices of buying a blackberry or another type of phone. Some features are a full keyboard by Qwerty,bluetooth,Media Player,Skype etc. The 10 Must-Have BlackBerry Applications article ive read feature many new applications that would very useful and entertaining. For more information click here for more info :

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scientists use PlayStations to create supercomputer

Scientists use PlayStations to create supercomputer

Not only is it an entertainment device, scientists have been able to create a supercomuter out of it!

Recently, two American scientists have created an easy guide on how to build a supercomputer while using Playstation 3 video games.

"The guide, posted online at, allows users with some programming knowledge to install a version of the open-source operating system Linux on the video consoles and connect a number of consoles into a computing cluster or grid."

The researches say this guide could provide a cheaper alternative to renting time on supercomputers to run their simulations.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Mayor of Vancouver


of the

Vision Vancouver Party

Vancouver's new mayor which carries the tittle of "Your Worship" has vowed to end homelessness around the city where the Winter Olympics will be taking place. I'm interested in how he will do this what kind of plans will he make in order for this to happen? Recently, the government had closed down a hospital for the mentally unstable ,can Gregor Robertson help recover that? I believe he can, he is young and full of ideas. Check out this website for some more info ! :

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Our ICT 12 class will soon be starting a new unit called Python. If you are interested in learning about the computer programming language of Python, visit the following website, run by our ICT 12 teacher, Mr. Vogel:


Twilight !!

This popular book has been read by many young readers who have been anticipating this movie for months. Twilight a vampire/romance novel written by Stephanie Meyer. It is a story of a young girl, Isabella "Bella" Swan, who falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen. There are three other novels that follow after Twilight -- New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. People should go into the movie with no expectations. However, the book is in most cases usually the better choice when it comes to picking the book or the movie.

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Here's some pictures of the cast taken from Vanity Fair Magazines

Blackberry Storm

Recently,Blackberry created a new model: Blackberry Storm. The Blackberry Storm isn't like any other Blackberry's, its very similar to the feature of the Apple's iPhone its a touch screen! . It was announced that Storm was to arrive before the holidays, but it seems that software and hardware don't quite mesh up in this product. Therefore, it is not a glowing endorsement of the touch-screen technology in the Storm. Check out this review - Blackberry Storm